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Chapter 717 – A Part Of Fate camera arrest
She always sensed bizarre to Hao Ren, so he didn’t dare to manage her as an ordinary beautiful gal. Also, he didn’t dare to cover up stuff from her.
It sounded like Woman Zhen didn’t want Hao Ren and Su Han to walk around this palace randomly. She also didn’t prefer to independent Hao Ren and Su Han into diverse rooms.
“Nevermind. Qiong Qi is way too robust for yourself fellas to cope with. You fellas might go rear,” Girl Zhen waved her palm.
The Sovereign’s Ascension
“You fellas can relax here for a bit. It is a excellent place for farming. I will come to you guys if there’s anything at all.” Girl Zhen endured up elegantly and said to them.
Which meant… the crimson precious metal hairpin which has been with the cave front door that night… between piled dry forest and swaying bonfire…
Woman Zhen was delighted to get sorted out as Auntie by Hao Ren. Hao Ren was the blood buddy of Zhen Yuan Zi, but he still tackled her as Auntie. In this situation, her rank was more than Zhen Yuan Zi’s.
Afterward, she walked to Hao Ren and Su Han and poured them some tea with the reluctant manifestation.
Black tights twisted around her extended feet. Even if those weren’t the long robes for farming, her posture still appeared stunning.
“I elect to snooze,” Hao Ren checked out her and stated.
Duan Yao immediately had taken a cooking pot of warm water out of the maid outside when she discovered Young lady Zhen sitting yourself down. Then, she went back to the room and added some tea for Lady Zhen.
The type heart and soul high intensity at the middle of the Demon Seas was greater than any locations where Su Han had been to. Certainly, she were forced to enhance effectively together time.
Not surprisingly, such a joke quickly experienced her brain. She wouldn’t support the reputation to themselves. The exact reason why she was glad was that Hao Ren didn’t organize an att.i.tude as a consequence of his a.s.sociation with Zhen Yuan Zi.
Perhaps the Spirit Structure Kingdom cultivators and Heavenly Dragon couldn’t enter this key area on the Demon Ocean, but Hao Ren and Su Han had been lucky to check out this through using Lady Zhen!
“Yes, Queen Zhen,” both maids saluted towards Girl Zhen.
18 rays of equipment and lighting taken with a yardage.
Hao Ren reached out his biceps and triceps and lower limbs, sliding himself over the sleep and didn’t want to move any longer. His nature substance was restored through Zhen Yuan Zi’s Immortal Fruit. Nevertheless, his human body which has been almost wrecked by Qiu Niu still experienced intense ache.
Woman Zhen didn’t ask Duan Yao to sit down she permit her to stand up deliberately to discipline her a touch more.
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Duan Yao who had been rehearsing sword techniques before the Taichi Palace discovered Young lady Zhen and went toward her quickly and happily.
“There’s nothing wrong that you simply guys like each other.” Young lady Zhen decreased her brain slightly and seemed like she was in a sadness status. She repetitive the key phrases that Zhen Yuan Zi claimed ahead of, “The a feeling of affinity had pa.s.sed…”
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“How was the conflict during the Nine Dragon Palace?” Young lady Zhen found the teacup and blew in it to neat it straight down as she questioned Hao Ren.
Yet still, in Girl Zhen’s territory, she was tame such as a bunny. The instant Woman Zhen sat straight down, she immediately put her teas. If Young lady Zhen looked slightly depleted, she would make the effort to ma.s.sage her thighs and shoulder blades.
Which meant… the crimson rare metal hairpin that was for the cave front door that night… somewhere between loaded dried up forest and swaying bonfire…
She was dressed in a long pinkish skirt and appeared lanky and very. Within the equipment and lighting in the spectacular palace, she looked being a small Woman Zhen.
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Considering the fact that a small amount of Woman Zhen’s character feels continued to be from the purple rare metal hairpin, then Woman Zhen probably understood all that Hao Ren and Su Han come across.
“Yes, Princess Zhen,” the two maids saluted towards Young lady Zhen.
Duan Yao was Girl Zhen’s disciple, and Su Han and Hao Ren were Young lady Zhen’s visitors. In this situation, her position was already lower than their own. Except when Young lady Zhen expected her to take a seat, she wouldn’t sit down presumptuously.
The outside metropolis, the inner metropolis, the shield wall structure, the noble palace…
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“Um…” Woman Zhen brought up her fretting hand and yawned lazily as she questioned, “All accomplished?”
It sounded like Duan Yao was having a very good living on the Demon Water, and Lady Zhen seemed to treat her perfectly.

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