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Chapter 607 – Gathering Game dead plantation
“Now, to the secondly event of your day, the Collecting Video game! Will the contestants because of this event remember to display on the phase?”
These individuals glanced at every other warily, realizing that the next game was going to certainly be a arms-on a single.
「Visus – Content
1. England – 56,888 issues (-)
Fitter Cleric!
When the participants spotted the position, their facial looks froze. The many huge smiles filled up with self confidence experiencing themselves at the top were actually wiped absent, as all view decreased onto three fellows.
14. Scotland – 25,370 issues (-)
At this time, the English appeared ready to always be the winners using the gap that they had on the remainder, and in many cases the Key Region was struggling to keep up.
very first – Money Partner: :23:10 applied. 100% client satisfaction. 5235 factors. (India)
The main one mankind they hated for such a video game mode!
9th – My Knee joints Are Tender: 1:48:49 used. 76% customer satisfaction. 3250 things. (China)
7th – Master Leo: 491 Elements, 147 Garbage-level, 213 Popular, 131 Rare. 2,522 factors. (England)
“b.a.s.t.a.r.d FITTER, Palm Your Health If You Ask Me!”
Examine his aspect of proceeding final, clearly he was embarrassed about his inadequate harvest!
Heart and soul was even the most immediate because he clapped his hands and wrists in devout prayer and loudly proclaimed:
Canada obtained jumped from fifth spot for a third, pus.h.i.+ng down France and stepping atop Mexico!
Mexico, that had originally been stipulated to be the winner, was at 4th put with a noticeable space from France. On the other hand, Mexico’s a.n.u.s was remaining sniffed by Canada, India, and j.a.pan who are like wolves patiently waiting to allow them to move up.
The Event Match may have a group of participants rush in to a valley where objects and supplies was randomly inserted. They would be required to accumulate around they are able to, and just after three hours each of their items and supplies can be transformed into a standard rank, while using top 1 successful.
「Dragon Our blood Gra.s.s – Content
His fit shirt was dim-light blue colored and his awesome very long-sleeved s.h.i.+rt was a mixture of natural green and also discolored. His fit shorts were also darker blue and he wore black color loafers.
sixth – Partner Beater: 493 Components, 140 Trash-level, 215 Widespread, 138 Uncommon. 2,595 things. (Russian federation)
Lots of the contestants smiled arrogantly, realizing they had separated itself until the entire world. Amber’s words supported to display them that certainly, these people were actually the Decided on Models of this era, haha!
“One has 3 hours to collect information! Participants are forbidden from hurting or robbing each other! Any endeavors can result in immediate disqualification! If two parties view the exact same source all at once, it depends on the competency and Fortune of both of which to generate it initially.”
Many inside the masses gasped. Precisely what a wicked and terrible woman! Rather than brus.h.i.+ng them off or apologizing, she had quite opted to massage it in even more. What’s additional, she was working with hydrochloric acid solution to make it work!
「Horus Gra.s.s – Fabric
The main one mankind they dreaded for this specific game manner!
Yet another group of 200 participants demonstrated, these donning their countries’ uniforms. Only the Specialized members wore this sort of garb when the Tradeskill and Combat people would not acquiesce.
This is a game title established purely on Fortune, little else. If the Good luck stat was inadequate, you would then only obtain trash throughout the sport.
sixth – Nude Waitress: 1:46:37 applied. 77Percent client satisfaction. 3395 points. (Brazil)
「First Inter-Participant Worldwide Compet.i.tion
Another range of 200 participants manifested, all of them wearing their countries’ uniforms. Just the Specialized associates wore these kinds of garb because the Tradeskill and Deal with subscribers would not acquiesce.
Use: Alchemy, Scribing, Scrivening, Cartography etc」
10th – Boss’ Number 1 Assistant: 1:49:15 undertaken. 76Percent customer satisfaction. 3215 things. (Canada)
Another number of 200 participants manifested, each of them putting on their countries’ uniforms. Merely the Specialized members wore this specific garb when the Tradeskill and Overcome people would not acquiesce.

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